Expressions from Students

“She is both knowledgeable and wise. She is an inspirational teacher and leader, and an enthusiastic supporter. She is a visionary, and a thoughtful pragmatist. Niánn Emerson Chase is in short the most perfectly balanced daughter I have ever known.”

–Jeff Nelson

“Niánn Emerson Chase is a multi-dimensional woman of grace who is guided in all her doings by her deep spirituality. She evokes the compassion of the mother spirit in her wisdom ways, and ignites the spark of desiring to come closer to God in others. She walks with practicality and self-discipline the ground of everyday, and yet her vision ever seeks to grasp the long view to the stars.”

–Clistine Morningstar

“Niánn's unreserved acceptance of the Mandate of the Bright and Morning Star and all the diverse responsibilities that includes is and has been for as long I have known her the quintessential inspiration for me. I am certain that her every waking moment is spent in thoughts and/or activities that further enhance The Mandates' objective, be it on a physical, mental or spiritual level and on any number of dimensions. And still, she always has time, even at a moment's notice, for personal counseling. We as a world need to recognize this spiritual resource that Christ Michael has so graciously provided us to help us through the tough times near at hand.”

–Leo Miller

“Niánn has been a great influence and blessing in my life. Without her spiritual example, guidance and counsel, I truly would not know where I would be today. She is not only physically beautiful, but she emanates the truth, beauty and goodness of the Universe Mother Spirit, like no other woman I have ever met. I am honored and blessed to have her as a spiritual teacher.”

–Vanessa Goodman

“I have known Niánn Emerson Chase since 1992 when corresponding with her from Australia. I met Niánn in 1994 when joining the community. Niánn is not only my spiritual teacher, but also my spiritual mother with a sense of union. Her closeness with our Universal Father is a real inspiration to me. Niánn is very loving and encouraging to all of us from young to old. She changed my life.”

–Spectra Schippers

“Niánn is the most superb educator that I have ever met. She has a spiritual interpretation in her presentation at all times. Niánn is able to tune in to the student's need of the moment. Niánn brings forth a beautiful way of psychospiritually integrating God's light into all subject matter.”

–Charles Nelson

“Niánn Emerson Chase is one of the greatest revelatory teachers and spiritual leaders of this age, particularly because of her ability to live what she teaches. She teaches with such a brilliance of interpretation, a depth of understanding, a clarity of thinking, and a grace of presentation... but most importantly, with a truly loving heart aligned to the Creator Son of Nebadon. She is able to bring unity, healing, and peace where division, rebellion, and separation has occurred, at an individual, as well as a very global level. As a student, I can say from experience that her teaching often pierces the clouds of my own self-deceptions, bringing a higher humility, and revealing the path towards a higher future of hope, joy and light and life for all humanity.”

–Orion Niles

“Human-Rights Minister and co-founder of the most progressive and controversial spiritual intentional community of this millennium, Niánn Emerson Chase, is an inspiration for women all over the world! As a godly woman [ascending daughter of God], wife [spiritual complement], mother, educator, and accomplished author, her experiences and insights are astounding... she is most certainly a remarkable spiritual teacher... a dynamic woman of grace who is committed to serving others.

She has touched the hearts, minds, and souls of hundreds of women, men, and children, throughout her career as an educator, author, and pastor at the Global Community Communications Alliance temple and School, and she is an influential instrument and role model in encouraging others to become more God-conscious in their life choices.

Niánn has a spiritual luminosity that is truly astounding for those with spiritual ears to hear and spiritual eyes to see. Her presence and teachings are an amazing gift to those who are truly seeking a higher path towards global unity without uniformity... as she incorporates a faith and forthrightness in addressing the many crises of our times that is both refreshing and reassuring for the hope of the future of our planet.

I am honored, blessed, and privileged to have Niánn Emerson Chase as my spiritual mentor.”

–Cestianna Andris

“Niánn Emerson Chase is the most balanced woman I've ever known; she is the human embodiment of the nurturing love of the Universe Mother Spirit, she is intelligent, educated, and wise; she is calm, graceful, and centered in God no matter what the circumstance; and she maintains a realistically optimistic perspective on life and our eternal cosmic adventure which gives her a sense of joy and peace that emanates outward to all.”

–Shannon Plyler

“Niánn Emerson Chase is a graceful woman who shares her life's truth with everyone she meets; she walks her talk impeccably. She is the kind of spiritual teacher that loves all people, and communicates her great joy for life, and deep love of the natural world, in a way that enlightens the minds of her students. Being in her presence is like being near a bright fire which burns away confusion and gifts all who are near with a bright, spiritual fusion. She is, by far, the most compassionate woman I have ever known.”

–Blue Evening Star Vasvary

“Niánn is a wonderful example of the Universe Mother Spirit to all woman on this planet. Her grace and eloquence when looking at the perspectives are true examples of living in truth, beauty, & goodness. Her impeccable insights on human issues, world affairs, and cosmic reasoning are enlightening to everyone who has the blessing to meet her in this lifetime!”

–Lori Larson

“With unmatched energy and enthusiasm for God's mission in her life, Niánn Emerson Chase embraces each moment with renewed commitment to give herself in service to His leading. A planetary citizen and spiritual teacher unlike any other, Niánn expresses the love she genuinely feels for all of humanity: through her spiritual messages, always teachings of hope with guidance for action; through her willingness to give compassionate counsel for soul growth to whomever God directs; and by sharing the Mandate of the Bright and Morning Star with Van / Gabriel of Urantia / TaliasVan, a mandate from Christ Michael bringing continuing revelation and everlasting peace and justice to our planet.”

–Celinas Ruth

“What a wonderful teacher, human-rights minister and pastor Niánn is. She teaches from her own experience and raises your consciousness at the same time. Niánn has a way of exploring and explaining great truths and making you feel like you are sitting in your living room at home with a dear friend. Her great love, respect and belief in anyone wanting to learn and expand their awareness of God's presence is evident in the way she approaches such important topics as how our thoughts effect our lives, our health, and our spiritual ascension. It is a great honor to be her student and have her in my life as my spiritual teacher and pastor.”

–Bill Bennet