Knowing God as Opposed to Knowing About God, The Varied Degrees or Psychic Circle Levels of Experiencing God

by Niánn Emerson Chase

Often I dance with abandon and joy when at a live performance, especially if the music has a beat that just will not allow you to be still, which includes many genres of music from many cultures—traditional and new. During those times of abandonment to joy, I feel such love for the musicians as well for those who are also dancing and swaying to the music. Even more, I feel love for life and for my First Lover, my First Beloved—God, the First Source and Center, the Infinite Creator and Upholder, the Universal Father.

Love for the Creator is something experienced within many religions and races. In these present-day times of misunderstanding, distrust, fear, and even hatred between some Jews and Muslims and between some Christians and Muslims, I think that we who claim to know God/Yahweh/Allah need to come to better know some of His children whom we do not know or understand. We need to sing and dance with people of all races, cultures, nationalities, and religions, especially when we are dancing together for our love of the Divine Overcontroller of all.

With this terrible religious and political tension between various Muslims and Jews as well as various Muslims and Christians, there has been centuries of conflict and warring—sometimes in the name of religion and in these contemporary times often in the name of freedom or human rights or justice or democracy or some other secular ideology. Usually decades-old or centuries-old conflicts between peoples have to do with all of the above and more, but unfortunately religion and “God” are pulled into these out-of-divine-pattern acts of violence and brutality that are often supported by the majority of whole nations of citizens.

In my own search for expressions of genuine spirituality, I have discovered the light and brilliance of many individuals from many eras and religions and cultures. I often draw from the poetry and prose of Muslim mystics who have captured the true essence of Muslim spirituality that transcends religious dogma and doctrine and captures the presence of God among humans. One of these poets is Hafiz, whose works have been translated into English and other European languages and read and appreciated by many other people on a spiritual path in Western civilization.

When thinking about dancing with abandon in the joy of loving life and music and people and God, a poem of Hafiz’s comes to my mind.[1] 


The God Who Only Knows Four Words




Has known God,

Not the God of names,

Not the God of dont's,

Not the God who ever does

Anything weird,

But the God who only knows four words

And keeps repeating them, saying:

“Come dance with Me.”




            The title of this article is “Knowing God as Opposed to Knowing About God, the Varied Degrees or Psychic Circle Levels of Experiencing God.” I think that spiritual ascension is a process of getting to know God, not just getting to know about Him. Again, I think of Hafiz and another poem he wrote.  


Skinning Your Knees on God


Little by little

You turn into stars.


Even then, my dear,

You will only be

A crawling infant,

Still skinning your knees on God.


Little by little,

You turn into

The whole sweet, amorous Universe

In heat

On a wild spring night,


And become so free

In a wonderful, secret

And pure Love

That flows

From a conscious,


Infinite need for Light.


Even then, my dear,

The Beloved will have fulfilled

Just a fraction,

Just a fraction!

Of a promise

He wrote upon your heart.


When your soul begins

To ever bloom and laugh

And spin in Eternal Ecstasy—


O little by little,

You will become like God.


            When I read the poetry of Shams-ud-din Muhammad Hafiz I know that this fourteenth century Persian Sufi poet knew God, that he experienced God almost daily in his life, that he knew many nuances, many faces of God. He recognized the difference between those who knew God and those who merely knew about God. He often spoke out against false religious leaders who talked a good talk but did not walk their talk.


The Diamond Takes Shape


Some parrots

Have become so skilled with

The human voice


They could give a brilliant discourse

About freedom and God


And an unsighted man nearby might

Even begin applauding with

The thought:


I just heard jewels fall from a

Great man’s mouth,


Though my Master used to say,


“The diamond takes shape slowly

With integrity’s great force,


And from

The profound courage to never relinquish love.”


Some parrots have become so skilled

With words,


The blind turn over their gold

And lives to caged




I like to use Hafiz because he was a devout Muslim who lived and expressed his spirituality with depth and genuiness. I use Hafiz because he was born, lived, and died in the land that today we call Iran, a land that is coveted by our government and corporations, a land that we Americans are supposed to consider as enemy territory. Many of the citizens of Iran are devout religionists who are searching to know God, and they love Hafiz, one of their favorite classical poets. 

Hafiz was born poor and had to work hard to pay for his schooling in theology, astronomy, mathematics, and Persian literature. He memorized the Quran (Koran) and mastered the art of caligraphy. As a young man it is said that the angel Gabriel appeared to him and directed him to the human spiritual teacher that he was to serve for more than 40 years. Often he struggled with his human elder, thinking that his teacher was too hard on him, too harsh. But Hafiz remained loyal to serving his spiritual leader because he believed that was what God wanted, and that was what Hafiz in his higher self wanted.

In realizing the value of having a spiritual elder in his life, Hafiz also understood that everyone needs a “Master” who can keep them on the higher path, so he encouraged those he met to look for a human elder.



That’s the Whole Idea


Fire has a love for itself—

It wants to keep burning.


It is like a woman

Who is at last making love

To the person she most desires.


Find a Master who is like the Sun.


Go to his house

In the middle of the night.


Smash a window.

Act like a great burglar—

Jump in.



Gather all your courage—

Throw yourself into his bed!


He will probably kill you.



That’s the whole idea!


Of course, in the last lines of the poem above, Hafiz did not mean killing the body of the person, just the lower self, the ego, the false identity that is not part of the true personality of the person. He understood the need for a “soul surgeon” and that in order to become a spiritual leader yourself, you needed to submit first to your own spiritual elder(s) and undergo the “sword of truth” that will cut to the error and sin and bring it out. 


What Happens


What happens when your soul

Begins to awaken

Your eyes

And your heart

And the cells of your body

To the great Journey of Love?


First there is wonderful laughter

And probably precious tears


And a hundred sweet promises

And those heroic vows

No one can ever keep.


But still God is delighted and amused

You once tried to be a saint.


What happens when your soul

Begins to awake in this world


To our deep need to love

And serve the Friend?


O the Beloved

Will send you

One of His wonderful, wild companions—


Like Hafiz.


During his life Hafiz at times was in favor with those in political and religious power and at other times he was not. He was blacklisted, jailed, and even exiled at times because of his outspoken poetry and teachings that challenged the status quo of established thinking. He also at times in his life was a court poet, a college professor, and highly respected. In his later years Hafiz became a great spiritual teacher with a following of students who lived with him in a type of intentional community, a religious order. What made Hafiz so great a spiritual teacher was that he was first a student, understanding the need for spiritual eldership in his own life. He reportedly was very short and considered physically unattractive, and yet he attained great inner beauty.

His poetry reflects his life-long process of unfolding into knowing God more intimately. Hafiz knew that God is indeed what a later English poet referred to as “the Hound of Heaven” and is continually reaching out to touch us, to awaken us, to invite us to sup with Him. In this next poem, we see God as The Friend whose love we cannot escape. Yet how we come to embrace that love is our choice. 


A Divine Invitation


You have been invited to meet

The Friend.


No one can resist a Divine Invitation.


That narrows down all our choices

To just two:


We can come to God

Dressed for Dancing,




Be carried on a stretcher

To God’s Ward.


You don’t have to act crazy anymore—

We all know you were good at that.


Now retire, my dear,

From all that hard work you do


Of bringing pain to your sweet eyes and heart.


Look in a clear mountain mirror—

See the Beautiful Ancient Warrior

And the Divine elements

You always carry inside


That infused this Universe with sacred Life

So long ago


And join you Eternally

With all Existence—with God!


I think of the culture here in the religious community of Global Community Communications Alliance (at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage in Tumacácori, Arizona) as both a place for dancing and a rehabilitation ward. Wherever any of us aligned here happen to be psychospiritually in the moment will determine whether we are dancing or acting crazed and conflicted. 


Manic Screaming


We should make all spiritual talk

Simple today:


God is trying to sell you something,

But you don’t want to buy.


That is what your suffering is:


Your fantastic haggling,

Your manic screaming over the price!


In our negotiating with God over the proverbial “pearl of great price,” we sometimes just refuse to pay the high price of making the deep changes necessary for really knowing and dancing with Him.


And Applaud


Once a young man came to me and said,


“Dear Master,

I am feeling strong and brave today,

And I would like to know the truth

About all of my—attachments.”


And I replied,





Sweet Heart,

Do you really want me to speak to you

About all your attachments,


When I can see so clearly

You have built, with so much care,

Such a great brothel

To house all of your pleasures.


You have even surrounded the whole damn place

With armed guards and vicious dogs

To protect your desires


So that you can sneak away

From time to time

And try to squeeze light

Into your parched being

From a source as fruitful

As a dried date pit

That even a bird

Is wise enough to spit out.


Your attachments! My dear,

Let’s not speak of those,


For Hafiz understands the sufferings

Of your heart.


Hafiz knows

The torments and the agonies

That every mind on the way to Annihilation in the Sun

Must endure.


So at night in my prayers I often stop

And ask a thousand angels to join in

And Applaud,


And Applaud


Anything in this world

That can bring your heart comfort!”


In my own walk in getting to know God more intimately, I too have had my moments of neurosis, my moments of being the “Dragon Lady.” Like Hafiz who said, “I know the way you can get” to those of his family, friends, and students, my own human friends have said to me, “I know the way you can get when you forget who you really are.” Another poem by Hafiz:


I Know the Way You Can Get


I know the way you can get

When you have not had a drink of [God’s] Love:


Your face hardens,

Your sweet muscles cramp.

Children become concerned

About a strange look that appears in your eyes

Which even begins to worry your own mirror

And nose.


Squirrels and birds sense your sadness

And call an important conference in a tall tree.

They decide which secret code to chant

To help your mind and soul.


Even angels fear that brand of madness

That arrays itself against the world

And throws sharp stones and spears into

The innocent

And into one’s self.


O I know the way you can get

If you have not been out drinking [God’s] Love.


You might rip apart

Every sentence your friends and teachers say,

Looking for hidden clauses.


You might weigh every word on a scale

Like a dead fish.


You might pull out a ruler to measure

From every angle in your darkness

The beautiful dimensions of a heart you once



I know the way you can get

If you have not had a drink from Love’s



That is why all the Great Ones speak of

The vital need

To keep remembering God,

So you will come to know and see Him

As being so Playful

And wanting,

Just wanting to help.


I think all of us who are on a spiritual path can recognize that we have at times fled God. Actually we still do that when we fear what He wants of us, and Hafiz speaks of this: 


Too Beautiful


The fire

Has roared near you.

The most intimate parts of your body

God scorched,



Of course you have run

From your marriages into a




That will shelter you

From embracing every aspect of Him.


God has

Roared near us.

The lashes on our heart’s eye got burnt.

Of course we have

Run away


From His

Sweet flaming breath

That proposed an annihilation

Too real,





God’s roaring and scorching, His annihilation, is part of our growth process, part of our healing and rehabilitation process, part of our ascension. This process has been referred to in the Christian tradition as “the dark night of the soul.” In order to continue to know God, we have to continue to dwell in the dark nights of the soul, which results in health, dance, and joy. Hafiz tells us to stay in those dark nights of the soul.  


My Eyes So Soft




Your loneliness so quickly.

Let it cut more



Let it ferment and season you

As few human

Or even Divine ingredients can.


Something missing in my heart tonight

Has made my eyes so soft,

My voice so



My need of God




We need to overcome our temptations to regress, to go backwards into our old madness. We need to continue to accept God’s constant invitations for us to rejoin Him. Hafiz tells us: 


Divine Invitation to Dance


I know the voice of depression

Still calls to you.


I know those habits that can ruin your life

Still send their invitations.


But you are with the Friend now

And look so much stronger.


You can stay that way

And even bloom!


Keep squeezing drops of the Sun

From your prayers and work and music

And from your companions’ beautiful laughter.


Keep squeezing drops of the Sun

From the sacred hands and glance of your Beloved

And, my dear,

From the most insignificant movements

Of your own holy body.


Learn to recognize the counterfeit coins

That may buy you just a moment of pleasure,

But then drag you for days

Like a broken man

Behind a farting camel.


You are with the Friend now.

Learn what actions of yours delight Him,

What actions of yours bring freedom

And Love.


Whenever you say God’s name, dear pilgrim,

My ears wish my head was missing

So they could finally kiss each other

And applaud your nourishing wisdom.


O keep squeezing drops of the Sun

From your prayers and work and music

And from your companions’ beautiful laughter


And from the most insignificant movements

Of your own holy body.


Now, sweet one,

Be wise.

Cast all your votes for Dancing.


In spite of our discomfort at the sharp cutting of the soul surgeon and our struggles to die to our lower selves, the spiritual elder, the soul surgeon, the true minister, the true friend also calls out to our real selves, our higher selves. 


We Should Talk About This Problem


There is a Beautiful Creature

Living in a hole you have dug.


So at night

I set fruit and grains

And little pots of wine and milk

Beside your soft earthen mounds,


And I often sing.


But still, my dear,

You do not come out.


I have fallen in love with Someone

Who hides inside you.


We should talk about this problem—



I will never leave you alone.


As we ascend and become stabilized in our higher psychic circles, we become more compassionate and loving, caring deeply about others’ well-being, experiencing grief and sadness over other people’s suffering. Yet we are lightened, as Hafiz was, and have humor and joy, loving music and dance and poetry and good stories and food and nature and each other. We celebrate life every day, for we have the Beloved within us and all around us.


A Wild, Holy Band


Your breath is a sacred clock, my dear—

Why not use it to keep time with God’s Name?


And if your feet are ever mobile

Upon this ancient drum, the earth,

O do not let your precious movements

Come to naught.


Let your steps dance silently

To the rhythm of the Beloved’s Name!


My fingers and my hands

Never move through empty space,

For there are

Invisible golden lute strings all around,

Sending Resplendent Chords

Throughout the Universe.


I hear the voice

Of every creature and plant,

Every world and sun and galaxy—

Singing the Beloved’s Name!


I have awakened to find violin and cello,

Flute, harp and trumpet,

Cymbal, bell and drum—

All with me!

From head to toe, every part of my body

Is chanting and clapping!


My dear,

The Beloved has made you

Such a Luminous Person!


For with constant remembrance of God,

One’s whole body will become

A Wonderful and Wild

Holy Band! 



[1] The renderings in English of Hafiz’s poems in this article by Daniel Ladinsky are based upon the translation from Persian to English by H. Wilberforce Clark (originally published in 1891). The intent of Ladinsky was to capture the living spirit of Hafiz’s poetry.

About the Author

Niánn Emerson Chase

Niánn Emerson Chase co-founded Global Community Communications Alliance, a 120+ member intentional community located in southern Arizona. Niánn is the Director of the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion, as well as serving on the Board of Elders. She is a counselor and a pastor.

Niánn is a world-renowned spiritual leader, educator, activist, and a prolific author with many articles on culture, society, spirituality, and sustainability. Her spiritual-based philosophies and peace-motivated efforts have positively impacted countless individuals worldwide.

Her personal ideals and pursuits are to fuse revelatory spiritual teachings with the philosophical and spiritual truths from all cultures and religions into the classroom and into mainstream consciousness.

Niánn shares her visions and teachings to reveal a global outlook toward a future of world peace and harmony as one planetary family.

Let us not forget the soul within each of our human brothers and sisters.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Language continually changes with the consciousness of those who use it. When our minds become more expanded, our language becomes more expanded and cosmic.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

A mature person doesn't pretend that they are more than who they are. A mature person will be transparent.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We humans not only have innate within us the desire to love and be loved, but also a desire to find God, to experience God.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

In this moment you are a being of God in His hand. Let Him squeeze the junk out of you.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

What is liberty and what is true liberty? With true liberty comes responsibility.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Our decisions within divine pattern add to the evolution of God the Supreme.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

My joy increases daily as I choose to try to walk moment to moment in my understanding of divine pattern and divine administration principles.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Peace begins with individuals, with each of us finding our place as ascending sons and daughters within the divine pattern of the Universal Father.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

In our experience of accepting God's and others' forgiveness, we are empowered to forgive those who hurt us.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Jesus was then. Christ Michael is now.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

It is difficult for a person to recognize the goodness in others, to acknowledge others' accomplishments if he or she does not have some level of self-respect.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

God's time is so different from our time.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Have the courage to claim the authority of right and the authority of goodness.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Just say, "Okay God, You win."

-Niánn Emerson Chase

God will give you the desires of your heartÑnot the transitory desires, but the ones your soul desires. Your true self is what will be granted to you eventually with God.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

The purification of the planet can happen through cooperation of human beings.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

It is the destiny for all individuals within God to expand inward, upward, and outward in the balance of Father, Mother, and Son circuitry.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Spiritual maturity is the ability to really love yourself and to love your neighbor as yourself.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Living at higher levels of super-consciousness is living in the eternal moment, fully present with those around you.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

One of the destinies of every person is to somehow experience Providence in their lives.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Welcome those times in your life when your comfort zones are challenged, as this will help your soul to grow.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

The destiny of every woman is wisdom.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

If you have goodness in you, you have greatness in you. If you see goodness in another you see their greatness. That is how we need to view each other.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We need to grab onto the higher aspirations of wanting to be a more loving person, of being in God's perfect will moment to moment.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

If we do not continually drink from the life-giving "Aquarian concepts" of epochal revelation, we will wither in the immensity of the worldwide spiritual drought.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

You should ask yourself, “What can I do to become a problem solver verses a complainer?”

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We have to outgrow childish and selfish emotions in order to evolve into emotions that are more spiritually based, more moral, ethical, and loving.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

It is that divine nature within us that can empower us to rise to the heights of love that is reflective of God.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

You can't grow in true self-esteem until you have pledged loyalty to the Creator of all.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We humans on this planet must truly live love if there is going to be any healing that happens for us and the earth.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

As gardeners of your own character, through your cooperation with the Threefold Spirit, allow your lower thoughts and emotions to be composted into something much more wonderful and life-giving.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Integrated into the patterns and plans of God for the whole are the choices that individuals make.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Like the moon we wax and wane, but we can indeed unfold into our own fullness of God's truth, beauty, and goodness.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

It's not so significant that we suffer, for suffering is part of the human experience. It's what we do with our suffering that matters.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

I have discovered that beyond comfort lie great grace, divine mystery, and cosmic adventure.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We must help construct our inner selves, our higher minds and souls in order to bring about mindal and physical healing.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

In the minds of many there is a division between religion and science, but with a higher, more expanded understanding of both, there is no division between them.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Having fun and enjoying life is the best way to become spiritual.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Love is the foundation of a truly religious person.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

All the pessimist sees is the problem. When you allow God into how you see things, then you are transformed into a positive person who sees the potential in divine pattern.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Love is not just a noun, it is also a verb. We have to become practitioners of love.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We get so caught up in our mundane lives and physical bodies—what they do to us and what we do to them—that we forget what we have around us and the great cosmic family we have here with us.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

The first level of courage is having a sense of loyalty to someone or some thing and being able to withstand adversity because of that fidelity.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Healing has to do with a shift in the mind, in the thought processes of the individual. Healing has to do with some kind of personal encounter with God the Father.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

If you open up and begin to experience God's love in your life, you can't help but love Him in return. It becomes a circuit between you and the Father. He pours forth, and you pour back.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

My first and most important significant "other" in my life is God.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

God is a love-saturated Person, and the foundation of all of His/Her laws and principles are based on love. We humans are at an embryonic state of understanding the true nature of love.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Cooperation with God requires moment-to-moment decisions to think and act from our higher minds, to become spiritized.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

True spirituality is not the words that we speak, but it is how we live our lives.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Part of genuine community is learning how to confront in a compassionate, respectful way, and also learning how to receive confrontation in a humble, gracious way.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Even though our physical bodies show signs of aging, we are forever young in our eternal present and in our eternal future.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We are not just any tribe. We are the reunion of the goodly flock, the regathering of the eagles.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Drop your baggage that holds you back from liberation.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

God created the universe and He's still doing it.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

One way to return good for evil is to give the person an opportunity to make a higher choice by you making a higher choice.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Love is the first thing that begins to grow when you have a genuine religious experience and start to value others and yourself.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Epochal Revelation takes our understanding of concepts and blows our mind—expands our minds in all directions. It is constipation of the cosmic mind to be stuck in dogmatism and fundamentalism.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

For you to truly forgive someone, you have to first experience that state of grace of God's forgiveness.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

God is the intelligent principle behind all laws.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

You cannot really love God, receive His love, and grow and expand in that divine love without simultaneously loving other persons.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Wisdom requires that we determine the probabilities of manifesting the possibilities.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Functioning in Divine Administration means service to others and you can do it so much easier together.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

As we become more aware of the goodness of God and His standards within divine pattern, at the same time we become more aware of the evil in the world that stands in stark contrast to goodness.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Meditation is being still before God.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We know that there have been many people who have been considered failures in life and yet, from God's perspective they were some of the greatest people that walked the planet.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Being reborn again is really about being regenerated and going back to our real source and relationship with God.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Jesus gave inconvenient truths.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

It is in our recognition of a loving divine Parent and our personal relationship with Him that we then can begin to truly find our real selves, open up to our personality circuitry.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

The measure of Jesus' perfection as a human being was His choice every time to do the Father's will, even if He had other wishes and plans.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

A lot of the suffering we go through is a result of resisting the Spirit of Truth, resisting our own expansion. If we allow God in, the suffering can be transformed into something greater.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Our understanding of wealth is relative depending on where our values and standards are.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Our first destiny is to discover the First Source and Center, our Universal Father.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

It is in those moments of expressing genuine love and concern for another human being that I have experienced the most happiness and fulfillment.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

One of our greatest challenges is to coordinate our humanness with the divine within us. Jesus did that in one life, and He said that we humans can accomplish what he did.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We make our own prisons within our minds.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

In our cooperation with the Threefold Spirit of God, we can have quantum leaps of growth and healing in our adversity rather than being broken by it.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Truth, beauty and goodness are to awaken people to the hope and higher vision of light and life.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Classes should be a union-of-souls experience where you listen and fall in love with your brothers and sisters.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

As we unite we create more and more light which dissolves the craziness of the Lucifer Rebellion.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

In order to understand these times of the purification, we need to understand God's justice and administration on this planet.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Being realistically optimistic is seeing the potentiality of God's will being manifested within every circumstance and person.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

A spiritually mature person can see where they are glorious and where they need to change.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

As mortal ascending sons and daughters of the Universal Father, it is our destiny to be continually and increasingly filled with the truth, beauty and goodness of the circuitry in divine pattern.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Our tiny culture here as an EcoVillage and intentional community is much more than that; it is the outworking of the Trinity’s influence in all our lives.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Every day can be our Pentecost, the renewal of God's spirit within us restoring us to our fullness in being able to love more perfectly and forgive more readily.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Isn't our highest destiny to be in the eternal moment striving to be more godlike, more open and receptive to the leadings of the Threefold Spirit within us, regardless of what we are doing?

-Niánn Emerson Chase

When we find it in our hearts to forgive someone who we think has wronged us, we then can more easily accept forgiveness for our own wrongdoings.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

In that salvation from self (with a little "s"), you begin to really move into your true identity of who you are, unfolding in that unique personality circuitry that is only yours.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Knowing God is an ongoing, forward-moving, expanding, evolutionary, ascending process.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Our role is to stay in our superconscious minds, to make decisions from our higher selves.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Though high intelligence does enhance our ability to do more good for more people, it is the essence of love that perpetuates gentleness, compassion, and forgiveness.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Love is an action and it's the hardest one to stay committed to.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

The presence of Providence or a sense of God's hand in your life has many layers and levels of richness.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

A truly wealthy person is one who has wisdom.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

In our love of God we begin to move into valuing ourselves, a process of realizing what our lower selves do to keep us from expanding into our true personalities, which will result in self-esteem.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

It is hearing other people's personal stories that we can develop more compassion, that we can develop a sense of connectedness with other human beings.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

By choosing to act the part—the "fake-it-till-you-make-it" process—the spiritual forces can help you to actually become the part.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

On this fallen world, often it is only through adversity that we make quantum leaps in growth.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

It is always better to give more time and energy to those who are willing to build towards a positive future.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

As we become more civilized, we become more loving.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Always in any truly great movement that brings any kind of progress to the planet, there is the presence of both men and women.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

With a cosmic perspective on life derived from epochal revelation and reflection on personal experience, our minds are lifted from our limited, lower thinking to a higher spiritized perspective.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Some of our lower choices have bigger ramifications than others, but all choices, higher or lower, within God's permissive will have a ripple effect.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Every time we make a movement forward in our own psychospiritual status, we make a contribution to the progression of human culture.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

My hope for all humanity is to experience the reality of knowing that we all are in the richness of our eternal present within our destinies.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

God's time lag of mercy and justice cannot be controlled by any of us.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

See yourself [men] as knights of the round table in service to ascending daughters.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Degrees of destiny fall into place when we come to know our source, that we are from the Paradise Trinity.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We are multicultural and need to identify with all cultures as our planetary brothers and sisters.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

One of the destinies of individuals is to see the hand of Providence in their lives.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Every day I feel richer—that richness of spiritual expansion into what I am destined to become as an ascending daughter of God. That's what living in Providence is.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Reading and integrating Fifth Epochal Revelation and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation helps us to become citizens of this universe.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

To truly love another human being is to see his or her potential.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

The most important thing about culture is the spiritual light.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

In order for individuals and groups, cultures, and nations to move closer to a world of light and life, we all have to get out of the stagnant water of doing the same thing over and over.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

God is the First Activist, and He provides the pattern for all of us humans to become pro-active.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Those who are true problem-solvers see the potential in the circumstances before them. If you cannot see the potential, nothing will really change.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

How important to recognize this spiritual truth?Û”all souls are loved equally by the Universal Creator, but not all function within God's will equally.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Living in any form of community reveals both our gifts and our limitations.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Your true point of origin is God.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

If you want to ascend you have to understand human nature, your own nature, and the fragility of human beings.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

From an eternal perspective evil is not real; love is real and of eternal value.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

If a person is confident in his or her sense of mission and higher purpose , do not misinterpret it as pride.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Fear disables us from truly being alive in divine pattern, from unfoldment into our personality circuitry.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Higher courage comes from the reality of religious experience.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

The destiny of this world, the world of the beloved Christ Jesus the Creator Son of Nebadon, is to move into light and life through the brother- and sisterhood of humankind.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

If we truly see each other as family we are the tree of life to one another.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We each are a book unfolding, and in writing our own history or herstory, some of us are a thicker book than others because of past repersonalizations, thus having more chapters to our book of life.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

There are many people who, through their desire to become better, have unknowingly submitted themselves to the leading of the indwelling Thought Adjuster.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

It takes courage to effect conquest of our lower nature and transcend our lower self.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

When aligned with divine pattern within perfect personality pattern, you don't have confusion and find your true self.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Your destiny is to find yourself in God and ascend into your personality.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

It is your primal destiny to know the Universal Father (the First Source and Center) and then all other time-and-space destinies will fall into place.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

True community happens when we continually correct our error so that we may love and serve others more purely.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

If we allow God to purify us, we'll be composted, and then we can provide nourishment for others.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

A very important aspect of our spiritual growth is being put in situations where we really have to learn to be thoughtful of others.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

When you have a sense of purpose, you forget the clamoring of yourself.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

The emotional attitudes related to faith are a prelude to manifesting an active, dynamic Fatherly love that leads to happiness, healing, and peace of mind.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Jesus didn't just give warm fuzzy love, some of it was quite strong for those who needed it. He knew how to read the soul.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

You don't pick babies off of trees. You have to go through labor. It is well worth it. Every civilization has to go through labor to progress materially, mindally, and spiritually.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

If you are not moving forward, you are not alive. If you are not tapped into that spirit of God and you are not tapped into the realization of who you are as a child of God, you are not really alive.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

The changes that are happening are cosmic in scope.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

I think that innate within all humans is the desire to always reach for something higher, something more divine.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

God is the absolute; the millions and billions of ways to reflect God is the relativity. Love is the absolute; the myriad ways to express love is the relativity.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

In order to experience healing, reconciliation with God, and genuine community, we must be close and intimate with every facet of ourselves, including every shadow and every spot of light.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Your message should have a flavor of universalism to it in order to appeal to many different types of individuals.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Curiosity should elicit a desire in the individual to find truth, beauty and goodness in life.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We are becoming more Christ-like, more God-like, day-by-day, as we persevere.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Friendliness is being interested in someone else.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Leave your worries, fears, and burdens behind and cross the rainbow bridge of God's spirit within you and step into peace, power, healing, and joy.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Truth and beauty are of the heart and mind; goodness is putting into action the beauty and truth of God and divine ideals.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

One of the highest levels of recognition is recognizing the true religious/spiritual virtues in others.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

The tribulation is meant to lead to the purification of ourselves.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Every individual and civilization has to go through labor (as in childbirth) in order to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, becoming a higher order of being.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Most people who are suffering are suffering from the disease of self.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

As you choose to spend time to develop your relationship with God and deepen it, your capacity for loving other human beings unselfishly will expand and deepen and broaden.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We all well know how important it is to realize that your idea of what power is may not be God's idea, and our idea of God's timing may not really be His idea of timing.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

In order to heal we need to provide the inner environment for the ministry of the Threefold Spirit of God and the other living spiritual forces to work with us.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Functions in Divine Administration, no matter what it is, means service.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We must become cosmic in our world view, thus making it a universe view.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Physical death need not be final, but merely a graduation into a sanctuary of sacred space where correction, rehabilitation, and healing happens.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We can't turn our faces away from evil; we must confront it by doing good, saying "no" to it, and speaking out against it.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

We get sidetracked with so many distractions that prevent us from manifesting the true desires of the heart.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

The gift we've been given in The Cosmic Family volumes and The URANTIA Book allows us to come into our cosmic minds and see ourselves as universe citizens.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

The sign of maturity is being able to admit failure. And every human being fails.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Failure is a learning episode.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

It is the destiny of every single child of God on this planet to discover the Father—the First Source and Center—to develop a personal relationship with Him and to grow in true self-esteem.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Life is a pilgrimage, a spiritual journey. On a pilgrimage, living is a journey where we are looking for spiritual epiphanies, spiritual enlightenment, growth, and healing.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

Good will eventually outshine evil.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

A truly wealthy person fills their being with the spirit of goodness.

-Niánn Emerson Chase

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