The Mother of Spirit-Children

by DeleVan DellErba

The same mother that birthed me has risen from her past
And birthed a world of Destiny.
She is now mother of so many,
nurturing orphans with spiritual longings.
Her soul feeds the hungry,
And makes rich the poor of spirit,
She is a matriarch butterfly, with wings of grace
That touch the face of humanity.
Hers are spirit-children, born from the soul.
My mother has risen from her past,
To find her heart still beating strong,
She will always carry on
The mother I know is brilliant,
A cosmic woman of grace.
And within her beautiful eyes
Are seeds of the stars
a million children waiting to be born.

It is the destiny of every single child of God on this planet to discover the Father—the First Source and Center—to develop a personal relationship with Him and to grow in true self-esteem.

-Niánn Emerson Chase


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